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  • Current purchase prices of fruit and vegetables from collection points and export companies in Poland We are the only company in Poland that collects purchase prices of fresh fruit and vegetables from collection points, wholesalers and processing plants in key regions in Poland every day by telephone and publishes them along with contact details to purchasers.
  • Up-to-date quotations of fresh fruit and vegetables prices.​
    Every day we collect and update thousands of fruit and vegetable prices from various sources, sort them by category along.
  • Archive of fruit and vegetable sales prices​
    Archival quotations of fruit and vegetable sales prices have been available in our archives since 2008, along with charts and price trend analysis
  • Additionally, free of charge
    Quotations of fruit and vegetable prices from over 70 markets in 7 European countries. Daily information on what the leading European industry press writes, along with links to articles. Catalog of manufacturers, distributors, and service providers for the industry, along with the ability to be listed in the catalog. The possibility of placing free ads for buying and selling fruits and vegetables.



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