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It is absolutely possible to produce high-quality oranges in a sustainable way"

2021-01-12 13:25

In the framework of the Zitrus project, 1,132 hectares of conventional orange farms in Andalusia, located in several municipalities of Seville, Huelva and Córdoba, have been transformed into environmental management models, minimizing their water and natural resource footprint.

"Our project has arisen from the cooperation between WWF Germany and Edeka, the main German supermarket, which chose Andalusia for one of its flagship products: oranges and mandarins," says Felipe Fuentelsaz, coordinator of the initiative. “The agreement has been motivated by the demand from European consumers for these sustainable products, as they have an environmental and social mentality. In Spain, prices are more important than quality for consumers. That is why our country has very few large supermarkets that are clearly committed to sustainability in the supply chain.”


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