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Wholesale markets: guarantors of urban food diversity

2023-01-30 00:00

GFI Deutsche Frischemärkte e.V. (GFI) has been represented at FRUIT LOGISTICA for over 20 years and is a constant in the industry. At the Vitamin G joint stand, the German-speaking wholesale markets present themselves, according to their own statements, as versatile and high-quality trading and logistics platforms for healthy nutrition.

Jörn Böttcher, GFI board member and managing director of Grossmarkt Hannover GmbH: "After two years in which the wholesale markets were able to prove their central importance for the local supply of cities, it is finally trade fair time again for our community. All members of the GFI are pleased and excited that we are back

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Fruchthandel is an international media company based in Düsseldorf. Its main focus is on fresh fruits and vegetables - from seed and production through all stages of trade to consumers.

Fruchthandel's roots date back to 1916, when the specialized magazine "Früchtehandel" was created, now known as "Fruchthandel Magazin". The magazine has established itself as a leader in the German-language market, thanks to its expertise, timeliness and commitment to the topic of fruits and vegetables. In addition to the weekly "Fruchthandel Magazin", the company also publishes special national and thematic editions, an annual industry guide, and a daily newsletter "Fruchthandel Newsmail".

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