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Idared already is been bought in Poland, but prices...

2021-10-27 10:47
The Idared variety is famous for its good tolerance of long storage and long distance transport, even in the absence of perfect conditions for these processes. Hence, trade in Idared in Poland does not pick up until later in the season. But already now there are buyers willing to buy it (most likely for storage) and the prices show that it is a highly speculative strategy.
Although September, and most likely October as well, brought an improvement in Polish apple exports, the prices of this fruit are bad and very bad. They are much lower than a year ago, even though more and more growers are saying that the net harvest of dessert apples this season will not be much different from last year's level.
Idared is a prime example of how bad prices are right now. There are offers to buy, but they start at 0.30 PLN/kg, a level which not long ago was the price of an industrial apple. Prices for the best-quality Idared in calibres not even 70+, but 65/70 to 90, are currently no more than 0.60 PLN/kg. The average price is 0.50 PLN/kg, twice as low as in the same period last year. This does not bode well for the coming months of the season.
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