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Apple prices have not risen in Poland, but...

2021-04-29 10:55
April saw no increase in apple prices on the Polish wholesale market. Not only on the Polish market, but also in Ukraine and Moldavia. The recent frosts, which damaged fruit crops in Europe, have not helped. In Poland, early strawberries, as well as stone fruit orchards of early varieties, have suffered most. However, the fact that the frost will result in a longer trade in apples has not translated into a strengthening of apple prices either.
The reasons for this are varied, but several are very important. The first is weak exports. Apple sales to Belarus have clearly slowed down. In Egypt and the Middle East in general, where Ramadan has begun and demand is consequently limited, sales have ground to a halt. In the east, in Orthodox countries, it is Easter, which has also affected market activity.
In addition to the demand factor described above, the price level is influenced by the issue of apple supply. And there are still plenty of apples in storage. Admittedly, a significant proportion of the stock is inferior quality apple, as many fruit growers packed apples into the chambers in the autumn that would not normally have had a chance to be there, but at the time it was quite common to expect a repeat of the 2019/2020 season with its cosmic April-June prices. Now it's clear there's no chance of that happening. It may be that the apple that will remain in most chambers will have no chance of higher prices precisely because of quality.
But there are still market players who believe that all is not yet lost. That this season has not yet said its last word when it comes to apple prices and there is a chance for them to rise in May. After all, Ramadan is coming to an end and we will soon see an increase in demand for apples from Egypt (an increase in advance, because the goods must arrive there). In the East, too, the market will be stimulated by the cold spring and the delayed new strawberry season, as the apple will remain a major, relatively cheap fruit for some time yet. In addition, after months of lockdown, the government has finally started to talk about easing restrictions in the HoReCa sector, which will have a general impact on the recovery of the fruit and vegetable market.
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