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Calm situation on the orange market in Poland

2021-03-19 11:49

The situation on the wholesale orange market is markedly different from what it was a year ago. And this is part of a bigger picture, as similar differences can be seen throughout the citrus market. These differences are due to a number of factors, which can be grouped into two groups: supply and demand.

On the supply side, there is a clear increase in the availability of oranges in wholesale trade in Europe, including Poland. This is mainly due to the expansion of Egyptian oranges. Egypt has strongly developed the production and export of this fruit and the effects can be seen in the increased supply of oranges in Europe, which also puts pressure on prices. Spanish oranges have experienced greater problems as the Iberian Peninsula has been hit by waves of cold weather this winter. Greek oranges complement the offer on the Polish market.

On the demand side, the coronavirus pandemic has had the biggest impact. A year ago it supported the demand for oranges and all citrus fruit, i.e. fruit perceived as immune-supporting. Demand for them grew strongly especially in March and April. This year is different. Demand on the fresh market is good, but far from the same as last year, and overall demand for oranges has been hit hard by the long closure of catering.

As a result, it is not easy to trade oranges this season. Prices are at a lower level than last year. They have also been stable for the past month, while a year ago they were on an upward trend. Currently, prices of oranges in importers' offers are at the level of 3.50-5.50 PLN per kilo in the wholesale trade. This is 2 per cent less than a year ago. The difference is small but it will continue to grow because, as mentioned, a year ago this fruit was getting more expensive and now there is no prospect of this happening.

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