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Dessert apples on the Polish market- small price changes

2021-11-29 10:42
Changes in apple prices on the Polish market in the past week were limited and certainly the new price levels do not satisfy fruit growers (they are in the order of a few to twelve percent). But the trend itself should undoubtedly be noted as welcome by growers.
Of course, the prices of apples of those varieties which are the most sought-after for export have strengthened, but this time we also have an increase in prices of less popular apples with Gloster and Idered spears. In addition to the striped Gala and Golden varieties, the Lobo and Cortland varieties have also benefited significantly in the period under review, as the supply of these apples in decent quality is lower, as well as Boskoop, a cooking apple, which is most likely a result of increased demand before Christmas.
As a result, Lobo and Cortland are now usually priced between 1.20 and 1.30 PLN per kilo. And Gala Royal apples and other striped sorts are priced at 1.60-1.80 PLN/kg. The Golden Delicious variety is priced at 1.20-1.50 PLN/kg most often. Of course, we are talking about thick calibre, which is typical for the current season (75+ for Lobo, Cortland or even Gala and 75/90 for Golden).
Popular in Poland, but not yet in export, "redbuds" are priced at 0.70-0.80 PLN/kg. Importantly, this season Red Jonaprince, which in previous years was priced higher than Ligol or Šapion apples, still belongs to this group. Idared and Gloster, the least popular varieties (especially in the first half of the season) are currently most often priced at 0.50 PLN/kg to 0.60 PLN/kg for very good quality. Here too, the above prices relate to calibre 75/90.
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