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Growing broccoli supply in the Polish market

2021-06-14 09:49
The domestic broccoli trading season in Poland got off to a later start this year than in "normal" years, the reason for this delay being the cold spring. Nevertheless, at the end of May and the beginning of June, thanks to the improvement in weather conditions, the supply of Polish broccoli slowly grew and wholesale trade could start on a larger scale.
Broccoli prices at the start of the season for the larger wholesalers were quite high this year, but much lower than a year ago. Then June started with an average sale price of 5.00-5.25 PLN/unit! But then it quite quickly dropped to the level of only 2.00 PLN/unit.
Now the price situation for broccoli was much more stable. That is, there were price fluctuations, but not as large as a year ago. Sales prices at large wholesalers at the start of this year's season were in the range of 2.50-3.50 PLN/unit. (average 3.00 PLN/unit) and on Friday 11 June it was the same.
As can be seen in the chart below, the average remains higher than in the corresponding period of seven of the nine previous seasons included in the comparison. A year ago, at the beginning of the second decade of June, it was still expensive but, as mentioned above, prices fell quickly afterwards.
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