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Mandarin season in Poland enters a new phase.

2021-10-25 11:27
Mandarins are available on the Polish market basically all year round. But unlike other citrus fruits, and above all lemons, there is still a clear seasonality in the tangerine trade. In summer, the fruit basically disappears from the offers of retail chains, although in recent years there have been shops where you can buy mandarins imported from the southern hemisphere - mainly from South Africa. But their prices are not low. Besides, it is known that in summer consumers look for other - seasonal - fruit.
In the autumn and winter, however, trade in mandarins quickly picks up and demand for them grows very dynamically. Although its dynamics also depend on what is happening on the demand side of the mandarin market. This year we can see that the availability of mandarins from southern Europe is lower. What is more, producers are forecasting that it could be even worse later in the season.
For the time being, this results in no clear downward trend in mandarin prices as the harvest campaign in Spain gathers pace. And this has been going on for several weeks now. Of course, the weaker Polish zloty is also playing a role, making imports more expensive. In addition, it must be remembered that logistics are still facing many problems (covid crisis, lack of drivers and problems with rising costs).
Currently, the prices of mandarins in the Polish wholesale trade on a larger scale are usually 6.00-8.00 PLN/kg for typical calibers and packages. This means that on average this fruit is 17 per cent more expensive than a year ago and two years ago.
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