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Mandarins in Poland still cheaper than a year ago

2021-01-12 18:52
But the holiday season is over and now we should rather expect a reduction in prices or a stabilisation. Of course this scenario is not the rule, as the past season has shown.
The beginning of 2020 brought high prices for mandarins and even their strengthening in January. However, it was an unusual season, marked by a shortage of supply of this fruit. Hence the above-average prices. It is worth adding to this that, with a delay, but also then, these prices fell a little (the average went down after 20 January from 5.50 PLN/kg to 5.25 PLN/kg). Not much and quickly returned to growth (the pandemic started and demand jumped), but always a certain regularity was maintained.
As in the more typical 2018/2020 season, then we had a clear in minus correction in January 2020 (from 4.75 PLN/kg to 4.00 PLN/kg after 7.01.2019). And how does it look like now? For the time being, prices have stabilised after the increase in December and most often mandarins are offered at 3.50-6.00 PLN/kg (of course, as in the case of these fruits, the price spread on the market is much greater, especially due to the variety of sizing and packaging).
The current demand is noticeably lower than during the holiday season, so prices can be expected to fall. But not for long. The season is running its course and peak supply, especially of the most popular clementine variety, Clemenules, is coming to an end.  By February, the signs of a fall in supply will be well underway and prices will then most likely rise again.
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