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Blueberries in Poland - the opposite trend than in Spain

2021-04-27 11:34
Since mid-March, there has been an upward trend in the prices of imported highbush blueberries in the Polish small wholesalers. This is due to both the limited supply of this fruit - the harvest campaign in Spain is still at a fairly early stage, as estimates say that about a quarter of the fruit expected in this campaign has been harvested. But it is also the result of good demand for blueberries, which are in great demand at retail despite their prices.
In small wholesalers, prices are currently at 12-15 zlotys per 250g package, which gives 48-60 zlotys per kilo. This is 35 per cent more than in mid-March. Interestingly, in the larger-scale wholesale trade, prices of imported blueberries (in bulk) remain in the range of 20-24 PLN/kg.
And what is the situation in Spain. There, blueberry prices have been in a downward trend since the tenth week of this year (the first half of March). According to the data from the 15th week, the average price at the producer was 4.34 euro/kg. This was 11.1 per cent lower than the previous week (4.88 euro/kg) and 29.2 per cent lower than the price in the middle of March (6.13 euro/kg). At the same time it was 17.6 per cent higher than in the same period last year (3.69 euro/kg), which shows that there are fewer blueberries than then (effect of cold weather).
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