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Dynamic end of April for cabbage prices in Poland

2021-04-30 11:32
The weather has strongly affected the trading of vegetables on the Polish wholesale market. This is especially true for white cabbage. Back in March there was some movement in the wholesale prices of this cabbage, but then came a slump in demand and a stabilization of prices. Only the last few days have brought dynamic changes in this area.
It's all down to the weather, and more specifically the cold spring. The cold and frosts have delayed the vegetation of early vegetables, which means that the old season will have to last longer and stocks of cabbage from the 2020 harvest will have to last for a longer trading period. In addition, the supply of early cabbage from imports remains limited and prices are not falling.
This situation has resulted in an upturn in demand, as wholesalers and retailers have started to buy enough to secure cabbage availability. In turn, this has contributed to an increase in the price of 'old' cabbage. Currently, sales prices of market-quality white cabbage at large wholesalers are usually 1.00-1.30 zlotys per kilo, which is an average increase of 35 percent since mid-April.
It is worth adding that the average price of white cabbage is already 64 per cent higher than in the same period last year. The chart also shows that in the last decade it has been more expensive only twice (plus the third season 2013/2014, when stocks of "old" cabbage had already run out).
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