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Idared at 6 PLN per kilo in Poland?

2021-05-11 11:09
Idared is a Polish speciality, for years produced with the Russian market in mind. Since 2014, since the embargo was introduced by Russia, the trade of this variety has been very difficult. The prices obtained by Idared are usually lower than for other varieties, especially in years with abundant apples.
However, the last two seasons have been highly unusual, with a factor that has greatly confused the fruit trade in general and apples in particular. It is a pandemic. The second such factor is the weather. As a consequence, Idared prices are now not too bad against the background of the prices of "reds" and even of the most sought-after varieties. At the purchase prices of Idared cal. 70+ are 1.00-1.20 zł/kg. But that is not all.
Can Idared be sold for more than 6 PLN/kg, although it is purchased at a maximum of 1.20 PLN/kg? It is possible. But such an offer must be appropriately prepared. And of course this price of 6 PLN applies to retail. A consumer will encounter such an offer of Idared in a hypermarket. Below are pictures of these apples.
As you can see, the key here is added value. The apples, although small in calibre, are aesthetically and pro-ecologically packaged, which is increasingly important for the metropolitan consumer. Besides, whatever one may say, this Idared reflects very favourably in terms of quality and appearance on the apples offered in bulk, lying nearby. This contrast also does its job. Trends in apple retailing in Western European countries show that this type of offering is becoming increasingly popular. It may be wondered whether the price of more than 6 zlotys per kilo is not too high, but this is after all a question of the retailer's policy and the supply-demand relations.
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