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Parsley - will there be further price rises in Poland?

2021-02-10 12:40
This season has been a winter in the making. Maybe not the winter of the century (older people remember), but after several years of mild winters, it is now snowy and cold. This has had an impact on the vegetable market in Poland. In general, winter has generated price rises for domestic vegetables. However, this can also be expected, as traders buying for retail, aware of the logistical difficulties, will be buying a little more.
In the case of parsley, we have already had a relatively good level of prices for it at the large wholesale. Sale prices for washed and bagged parsley have remained above last year's ceiling since September. This can be seen in our chart below.
Last November saw a correction in parsley prices against the backdrop of weaker demand amid the prevailing pandemic and prolonged lockdown including a lockdown of the HoReCa sector. Now the cold weather has pushed the average price up by 12 per cent. Currently, selling prices are in the range of 2.40-3.20 PLN /kg and this is up 75 per cent year-on-year.
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