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Poland - early potato prices under pressure

2021-06-11 11:04
The nice, sunny weather has meant that the current supply of early Polish potatoes has increased by leaps and bounds in the past week. This has generated additional downward pressure on the prices of these potatoes at the domestic wholesale market.
These prices had already been falling, but the average selling price at the large wholesalers remained higher than in previous seasons until recently. Especially as the downward trend slowed down somewhat at the beginning of this week. This can be seen in our graph below.
However, the downward trend did not slow down for long. The pressure on prices has only increased in the second half of this week and, as a consequence, sales prices at the large wholesalers are now mostly in the range of 1.00-1.80 PLN/kg (this concerns areas of the country where the harvest has already gained momentum). As you can see from the graph, this already averages out more than a year ago and two years ago.
It is interesting that such sharp discounts are not reflected in the retail trade. Especially in cities this is not visible. There, the downward trend is always milder and sometimes, especially after such price "bumps" in wholesale, significantly shifted and spread over time.
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