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Poland - greenhouse cucumber prices have dived

2021-06-17 11:09
Wholesale prices of greenhouse cucumbers belong to the group characterized by the highest volatility among the prices of vegetables and fruit. They are also capable of large amplitude fluctuations in the short and medium term. This can also be seen in the current season. As well as the fact that, since the end of April, the downward trends have been more dynamic and deeper than the subsequent upward price rebounds.
This can be seen in our graph above. Sales prices for greenhouse cucumbers have fallen to 1.00-1.50 PLN/kg at the large wholesaler. This is a reduction of 63 per cent since the beginning of this month. A reduction driven by a rapid increase in supply which has not been followed by a similar scale increase in demand.
The graph also shows that the current average price of 1.25 PLN/kg is the lowest (next to the identical one from the 2016 season) for the years included in the comparison. A lower average price was recorded by monitoring for the same period in 2015 (PLN 1.05/kg). Could this be as cheap as the season five years ago?
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