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Production of frozen mixes and juices in Poland in 2021 (after Q1)

2021-04-27 11:46
We analyse Central Statistical Office data for the period January-March 2021 and the production of frozen fruit and vegetables and fruit juices, as well as vegetable pickles. In this period we can see, in comparison with the data for the same period last year, a decrease in the production sector of juices, frozen vegetables and vegetable pickles. Only in the frozen fruit category did the CSO note a year-on-year increase in production.
In the first three months of 2021, Poland produced 100 thousand tonnes of frozen vegetables and it was 96.3 per cent of the production in the same period of 2020. So the year-on-year fall was 3.7 per cent.
As far as the production of frozen fruit (including nuts) is concerned, according to CSO it amounted to 38.5 thousand tonnes in the first quarter of 2021, which constituted 103.5% of production in this category in the same period of 2020. As we can see, there is a year-on-year increase of 3.5% in this category.
As for fruit and vegetable juices, 1,973 thousand hectolitres were produced in January-March 2021 and this was 93.9 per cent of the volume of the same period last year. There is therefore a year-on-year fall of 6.1 per cent in this category.
The CSO statement includes also the production of vegetable pickles of which 8 582 tonnes were produced in the discussed period of 2021 and it was only 88 per cent of the production level in the same period of 2020. In this category, the year-on-year fall was therefore 12.0 per cent.
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