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Rhubarb buying season in Poland is coming to an end

2021-06-21 11:06
The June phase of the rhubarb season in Poland is just coming to an end. Companies are slowly finishing the current purchase of this vegetable. The supply of rhubarb - both on the fresh market and in the offer for processing - has increased somewhat but this has not always translated into lower prices.
Above all, this relatively limited increase in supply has not been reflected in prices for rhubarb for industry. On the contrary, there was high demand, which not only prevented prices from falling but also caused them to rise, albeit slightly. This phase of buying used to start at 0.80 PLN/kg and now it is mostly 0.85 PLN/kg, whereas a year ago in the second half of June rhubarb dropped from 0.80-0.85 PLN/kg to 0.70-0.75 PLN/kg.
In buying rhubarb for the fresh market prices did not fall in June either, they remained stable. Most often at 1.50 PLN/kg. This purchase starts earlier than the one for processing. And you can expect rhubarb prices to have fallen slightly (from 2.00 PLN/kg), but this was back in May when the supply of this vegetable was growing the fastest. Small wholesale prices also fell mainly in May (cumulative fall from -45 to -66 per cent depending on the region of the country). Now the prices of rhubarb at the small wholesaler's are at 2.00-3.50 PLN/kg and this is a very similar level to last year.
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