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Small revival in celery trading in Poland

2021-05-12 10:25
After a long period of stagnation, last week finally brought a change on the wholesale market for fresh celery in Poland. This is part of a wider phenomenon - a revival on the root vegetable and cabbage markets. Current demand for white cabbage has strengthened, as has demand for carrots, parsley and beetroot. As a result, the prices of these vegetables have also risen.
Against this backdrop, changes in celery prices are relatively the weakest, but they are still significant compared to what was happening in the wholesale celery trade in previous months. Sale prices of washed, bagged celery have increased by almost 29 percent in just one week at the wholesale. Now such celery is most often offered at 1.60-2.00 PLN per kilo at the big wholesaler.
However, our graph above shows that these changes, while not small, have made little difference when comparing the current season with previous ones. Previously, the average price placed the current season in penultimate place in our chart. Now it is fourth from the end. It is still on average 18 per cent cheaper year-on-year, not to mention the distance to those best years - May 2011 or 2016 or even 2019.
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