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The green bean season is coming to an end in Poland

2021-10-15 11:06
Domestic green beans are disappearing from the trade of large wholesalers in Poland. Soon, too, smaller-scale trade will come to an end. Until November, it will still be possible to buy it - in small quantities and at high prices, but the fact that the weather has clearly deteriorated in recent days has meant that the supply of this vegetable is rapidly decreasing.
The end of the season looks set to come sooner than last year and, in addition, this season there will be no question of a drop in green bean prices in October. A year ago such a drop occurred thanks to good weather in September and October.
This year's season was therefore very typical in that we had two distinctly different phases. A period of rising supply and falling prices until the end of July and then a reversal of these trends - the supply of beans started to fall from the second week of August and their prices rose. Of course, one has to bear in mind the delay at the start of the season caused by the cold spring, but such slips happen quite often.
This year, the period of highest supply and lowest prices fell at the turn of July and August. The average price in the large wholesalers was then at 3.00 PLN/kg. A year ago it was similar. The average price went down to 3.00 PLN/kg in the first decade of August. Currently, wholesale prices of green beans are at 6.00-8.00 PLN per kg and are significantly higher than at the end of last year's season (average 5.75 PLN per kg).
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