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There is young parsley on the Polish market

2021-07-21 11:13
The 2020/2021 season on the parsley market ended with a visible deficit in the supply of nice goods. This resulted in high prices for parsley, including prices in the large wholesale. Although not as expensive as two years ago, they were much more expensive than last year (the average selling price for washed parsley from the 2020 harvest was 6.50 PLN/kg, whereas a year ago "old" parsley ended at 2.30 PLN/kg.
The new season is therefore starting from high prices, in addition with a delay. The first prices for young parsley this year are PLN 10.00-13.00/kg, which is exactly what they were at the start of the 2019/2020 season.
Does the fact that parsley is so expensive at wholesale say anything about possible developments? Not necessarily. It all depends on the weather and how the harvest goes. At the moment it has rained heavily and in many regions there are problems with the crop because the parsley is rotting. If the scale of this phenomenon proves to be large, this will have a significant impact on yields and higher prices. But this is not yet a foregone conclusion. Two years ago, as recently as 10 July 2019, the average price at the large wholesaler was as high as PLN 13/kg, and at the end of November that year it was just PLN 1.60/kg.
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