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WAPA - Apple stocks, April 2021

2021-05-04 10:53
WAPA estimates that apple stocks as of 1.04.2021 in the EU countries surveyed amounted to 1,922,817 tonnes (excluding Portugal). Recall that stocks on 1.03.2021 were estimated at 2,700,020 tonnes. This means that in March last year, apple stocks were down by 777,203 tonnes, or 28.9 per cent. In February 2021, the relative decline in stored apples was 19.8 per cent. March was therefore a very active month as far as the apple trade in Europe is concerned.
Let us also recall that apple stocks on 1.04.2020 stood at 1,778,124 tonnes in the EU countries. This means that year-on-year stocks are 144,693 tonnes or 8.1% higher. In March this indicator was +10,4 per cent.
As for Poland, WAPA estimates the stock of apples on 1.04.2021 at 592,000 tonnes. The graph above shows that Poland has dropped to second place in terms of apple stocks among the countries surveyed. It had previously remained the leader in this respect.
A month earlier, as of 1.03.2021, 837,000 tonnes. It follows that the "run-off" of apples from Polish warehouses amounted to 245,000 tonnes in February 2021, or 29.3% of the 1.03 stock. And this was the largest "run-off" among major EU apple producers (second-ranked Italy "sold out" 224,000 tonnes of apples in March, and third-ranked France 139,000 tonnes). It is also worth noting that the rate of "exit" of apples from Polish warehouses in March 2021 was 21.4 percent.
Let's add that a year earlier, Poland's apple stocks as of 1.04.2020 amounted to only 329,000 tonnes, so now they are as much as 263,000 tonnes, i.e. 67.1 per cent higher year-on-year. In March this figure was +72.3 per cent, in February +68.0 per cent and in January +63.5 per cent.
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