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Watermelons in Poland- a steep fall in prices

2021-06-21 10:00
The watermelon trading season in Poland is now entering its most intense period. Last week brought more dynamics of changes in prices of this fruit both on the wholesale and retail market. The revival in watermelon trade has been fostered by the hot weather that has recently appeared in our country.
The lead in the watermelon trade is now undoubtedly led by the retail market. In commercial chains, the offer of watermelons is abundant and they are often offered at promotional prices, which already last week went below the threshold of 2.00 PLN/kg.
This and the growing availability of these fruits have caused watermelon prices in the wholesale trade to be below the aforementioned level of 2.00 PLN/kg as well. Now it is 1.50-2.00 PLN/kg. The average price in the large wholesalers was therefore at 1.75 PLN/kg, 30 per cent lower than a week earlier. As you can see from our graph, this average price is lower than that of the previous two seasons.
And it is likely to be even cheaper soon. In southern Europe there is a crisis of oversupply of watermelon, which is so plentiful that prices have collapsed and surpluses are being fed to animals. In addition, Hungarian watermelons are entering the market, and Ukraine will soon start exporting this fruit.
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