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What are the prices of parsley in Poland?

2021-01-26 12:28

The high prices in the parsley market two years ago will not be repeated soon. That season was unique in decades. Now parsley is much cheaper, but this does not mean that wholesale prices are particularly low. This can be seen in our graph below.

Currently, the selling price of washed and bagged parsley is most often 2.00-3.00 PLN/kg at the large wholesaler, which averages out at 2.50 PLN/kg. This is 7 per cent lower than the mid-January peak (2.70 PLN/kg) and marks a return to the price level of early November 2020-early January 2021. As you can see from our graph, however, the current average price is higher than most quotations (seven out of nine) from previous seasons included in the comparison.

However, it is worth noting that the end of January and February is usually a period of price stabilisation in the wholesale parsley market. A price rise like that in 2019 is a rarity. Some downward corrections can be expected sooner, as demand for parsley remains limited. Discounts could occur especially if the catering blockade is maintained. Retail alone will not generate the necessary demand. Especially since parsley is not an onion or even a carrot.


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