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Will there be even more blueberries in Poland?

2021-06-16 10:46
The domestic blueberry season is still ahead of us. So far, only imported blueberries are available on the Polish market. They are imported from Spain. Their wholesale prices have dropped by about one-third in the last month, but they are still quite high. The prices of packaged blueberries are 30-40 PLN per kilo and those in bulk are offered at 22-25 PLN per kilo.
Although they are currently similar to those of the same period a year and two years ago, one must bear in mind a fundamental difference. In Spain, the blueberry campaign is already coming to an end. The supply of blueberries imported from Spain will therefore continue to decrease and prices are unlikely to fall; they are likely to increase. This means that the current level will be the lowest of the import season for Spanish blueberries. A year and two years ago, blueberries reached this level after a significant increase, as the lowest average prices oscillated between 26-28 PLN/kg. Now it is 35 PLN/kg.
This means that at the beginning of the marketing season, which will be delayed, domestic blueberry prices will be relatively high. So last year may repeat itself (the average price on 21 June 2020 for domestic blueberries was 40 PLN/kg). But what about later? It seems that this year we may again see a significant increase in blueberry production in Poland (which coincides with the global trend in this area). So the harvest may be high. How will this affect prices?
Certainly, a higher harvest means more downward pressure on prices. We saw this last season and our price quotations for these fruits show it.
On the other hand, production costs have risen significantly and the demand for blueberries is still on the rise, not only in our country. On top of this, problems with employees may translate into greater problems with harvesting the entire crop.
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