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Preliminary estimation of field vegetable harvest 2021 in Poland

2021-10-04 10:54
The 2021 growing season for ground vegetables in Poland started with a delay - even up to 3 weeks in some regions of the country. Weather conditions were generally not very favourable for growing vegetables, although there were periods of better aura. Nevertheless, this year vegetables were very vulnerable to both bacterial and fungal diseases and to pests.
Preliminary estimation estimates that the production of ground vegetables in 2021 will be at the level of 3,9 m tonnes, i.e. by almost 2 per cent lower than a year ago. The preliminary estimate for the 2021 vegetable harvest was 3.9 million tonnes.
This year's cabbage harvest is estimated at over 0.7 million tonnes (0.8 million tonnes a year ago*). The initial forecast was for a similar volume.
The cauliflower crop was estimated at 142,000 tonnes (229,000 tonnes a year ago*). The preliminary estimate was 145,000 tonnes.
The 2020 onion harvest is forecast at 628 thousand tonnes (615 thousand tonnes a year ago*). The preliminary forecast was for a volume of 630 thousand tonnes.
The carrot harvest in the current year would be 638 thousand tonnes (a year ago 678 thousand tonnes*) The initial forecast was for 630 thousand tonnes.
The beetroot harvest was estimated at 239 thousand tonnes (a year ago 281 thousand tonnes*). The preliminary estimate for the harvest of these vegetables was 240 thousand tonnes.
The ground cucumber harvest is forecast at 120 thousand tonnes (a year ago 222 thousand tonnes*). The same amount was initially forecast.
The ground tomato crop is forecast at 157k tonnes (241k tonnes a year ago*). The preliminary forecast was for 160 000 tonnes.
Total production of other vegetables is estimated at around 1.2 million tonnes (previous year 934 000 tonnes*). The biggest contributors are pumpkins and parsley and celery root. Initial estimates for this category were for the same harvest level.
*As the CSO did not publish information on agricultural production volume this year by the usual deadline (May/June) (it postponed the publication date to December), we provide data from the latest, resulting estimate of the 2020 harvest.
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