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Raspberries - the second part of the season begins in Poland, will prices rise?

2022-07-25 10:14

The domestic raspberry market in Poland is slowly entering the second part of the season as the autumn raspberry trade begins. From a processing point of view, it is this phase of the campaign that is most important. If the weather were still to normalise and be more conducive to the high quality of this fruit, it would be hoped that the trade in raspberries for processing would emerge from the impasse in which it was still in the first week of July.


It should be recalled that the purchase prices of raspberries, after an initial rapid increase, suddenly started to fall dramatically (despite the lack of improvement in supply) and this downward trend was only halted in the middle of this month. So we have a different situation on the domestic market from that abroad, where raspberries remain expensive. It is also a different scenario from what we saw last year, when raspberry buying prices were constantly rising.


Admittedly, for the time being, these prices are still higher year-on-year, as raspberries are currently bought at 13.00-15.00 PLN/kg for fruit to freeze and at 13.00-14 PLN/kg for the poorer quality. It is noteworthy that prices are almost independent of quality, which is very unusual. In relation to the price peak on 6 July, we have here a reduction of 20 and 23 per cent respectively. Year-on-year, on the other hand, we have an increase of 8 per cent for raspberries for freezing and 20 per cent for fruit for pressing.


However, if prices do not start to rise again this season, this relationship will quickly reverse and this year's prices will be below those of a year ago. As mentioned above - a normalisation of the weather, with a consequent improvement in fruit quality, could have a positive impact on the price situation and increase the tendency of processors to offer better prices.


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