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Red Jonaprince - what are the prices and stocks of this variety in Poland?

2021-04-08 10:29
February saw a deterioration in the pace of apple sales in Poland, which is also apparent from WAPA data published in recent days showing the state of apple stocks in Europe, including Poland. Although it would appear that Red Jonaprince apples fared better than other popular varieties at the time, these figures show that Prince too was affected by the downturn in February.
According to WAPA data, stocks of this variety as of 1 March this year amounted to 128 thousand tonnes in the EU, of which Poland had 80 thousand tonnes. Another country with significant stocks of Prince is Germany. As of the 1st of March data mention 46 thousand tonnes of this variety in German warehouses. Polish stocks of this variety at the beginning of March were 60 per cent higher year-on-year. In February, only 15 thousand tonnes of Prince disappeared from Polish warehouses, whereas in January it was 40 thousand tonnes.
According to fruit growers and exporters, March brought an improvement in the economy and higher sales of Polish apples, including Jonaprince. The question is how significant this improvement was. As for the purchase prices of this variety, they have remained stable since the beginning of March and usually range between 1.50-1.80 zł/kg for calibre 70+. In April, we can expect a strengthening of Prince prices (obviously of good quality), but it will not be as spectacular an increase as it was a year ago.
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