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Supply of the domestic tomatoes in Poland is rising

2021-04-14 11:15
The beginning of this year's spring was cold, which meant that prices of domestic greenhouse tomatoes were above average at the start of the season. Wholesale trade in these vegetables started April with an average price of 12.50 PLN/kg for size B, as can be seen in the graph below, significantly higher than in the previous five seasons (and even in ten, although these figures are no longer included in the graph).
However, several warmer days over the past week have meant that the dynamics of tomato supply growth have increased significantly, and this has translated into a large and rapid fall in prices. Currently, wholesale tomato prices are most often between 6.50 PLN/kg and 9.00 PLN/kg. This is still quite expensive, which can also be seen on the graph.
On the other hand, these prices are already competing directly with tomatoes imported from Spain, which have relatively high prices at the end of the season there (plus a very unfavourable euro/PLN exchange rate for imports).
Admittedly, the weather has cooled again today and temperatures have fallen to just a few degrees Celsius above zero, which will slow down the increase in supply. But synoptics are forecasting daily temperatures to rise by at least 10 degrees, so tomato prices are unlikely to rebound.
The good prices at the start of the season do not hide the fact that the future in the industry is characterised by great uncertainty. How will the market react if COVID-19 does not yet let up and European governments maintain the blockades? What about competition in the UK market after brexit?
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