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What are the prices of onion in Poland?

2021-10-21 11:01
It is known that the harvest of onion in 2021 will not be high, due to unfavourable agrometeorological conditions - both during the growing and harvest periods. CSO estimates put the harvest at 628,000 tonnes, marginally higher than last year, but it seems that the final figures will be even lower.
This lack of surplus onion can be seen in trade. On the wholesale fresh market, the situation remains relatively stable. Prices have recently fallen marginally, but this only marks a return to August levels - you can see this in our chart below.
Currently, calibrated and bagged onion prices are mostly in the range of 0.70-1.10 zlotys per kilo, depending on calibre, quality and region of the country. As far as the processing sector is concerned, factories are finishing their buying campaigns for other vegetables and many of them will now return to onions, which will stimulate demand.
On the other hand, the Dutch are known to be looking for outlets for their onions in Europe, although not very aggressively at the moment, as the African season is underway. But they are keen to sell peeled onions to Poland. It is just that the continuing weakness of the Polish zloty and rising transport costs (fuel) are not making it any easier.
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