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Wide choice of imported strawberries in the Polish market

2021-05-04 10:56
Spain's strawberry picking season last week surpassed 78 percent of this year's planned strawberry harvest. The current supply of strawberries on the local market is already clearly dwindling and prices are rising. In week 16, they averaged €1.05/kg (ex-producer), compared to €0.85/kg the year before (+23.5 per cent). In contrast, the week-on-week increase was as high as 32.5 per cent.
In Poland, however, this decrease in the supply of Spanish strawberries will have a limited impact on the market because the range of countries from which these fruits are imported has recently expanded considerably. The Greek strawberry has started to dominate on our market, and there are also offers of strawberries from Albania, Turkey and the Netherlands. Spanish strawberry prices are starting from 9.00 PLN per kilo in large and medium-sized wholesale. Most often, Greek strawberries are offered at 12.00-14.00 PLN per kilo, with prices reaching a maximum of 15.00 PLN per kilo (including the Dutch offer).
The supply of Polish greenhouse strawberries remains very low and the weather is to blame for this. Now we have moments of better weather, which may slightly improve the current availability, but synoptics are forecasting a worsening of the weather at the beginning of May. Early strawberries are therefore not likely to become cheaper any time soon. In the small wholesale trade, prices are between 16 and 20 PLN/kg.
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