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Kalanchoë – flourishing sales

2024-04-15 10:57

A strong plant from Africa

Kalanchoë is a plant from the Crassulaceae family. Its most common variety is Kalanchoë Blossfelda (Latin: Kalanchoe blossfeldiana), a popular potted plant belonging to the leaf succulents. It comes from Madagascar, where it grows on dry, rocky slopes, which means it is an extremely durable plant. Due to its origin, it has the ability to store water in thick leaves and usually withstands a slightly longer period of drought without any problems. The plant care include only a bright location, moderate watering, temperature (optimum 20-25°C in summer, 12-13°C in winter) and ordinary flower soil.

Rich offer

Lush flowering definitely distinguishes the plant from green potted plants. Kalanchoë flowers may be single or double. The color range they come in is impressive and includes white, cream, yellow, orange, red, apricot, salmon, light pink, dark pink and purple. You can enjoy their colors for several months – flowering lasts about 11 weeks! However, the reasonable price allows consumers to frequently replace plants with new ones and create new, economical styles in currently fashionable colors.

Kalanchoë is offered by growers in pots with a diameter of several to even 30 centimeters. Plants measuring 15 cm are the most popular among consumers, but miniature, five- and seven-centimeter plants are also available.

Also outdoor

Kalanchoë is mainly associated as a houseplant. However, in recent years it has also found a place on balconies and terraces. Its attractive appearance and simple care, which earned it the name "Easy Care" plant, make it an extremely welcome guest in homes, both in the winter and summer months.

Kalanchoë can be placed outdoors only when the threat of frost has completely passed - in our climate it will be mid-May. The producers of the 'Kalanchoë Garden' range guarantee that the flowering period of these plants outdoors lasts at least 100 days! In stores, consumers easily recognize them by the "100daysflowering" label.


Now Poland

Research conducted in 2021 by the Dutch initiative shows that in Germany and the UK, kalanchoë has a well-established position, while in Poland the demand for it is systematically growing. This plant is perceived very positively by Polish customers because it is associated with carefreeness, color, joy, peace and durability.

The most important criteria when purchasing kalanchoë by Polish consumers is the appearance of the plant, then its color, and finally the price. The most frequently chosen plant color by Poles, regardless of the season, is red. It is closely followed by light, dark pink and white. In summer, kalanchoë with orange flowers joins the range.

Good for everything

Meanwhile, the wide range of colors in which the kalanchoë comes in allows to create an infinite number of occasional variations – from multi-colored to monochromatic. White kalanchoë is perfect for a wedding, baptism or first communion, yellow for Easter, red for Christmas, and orange for Halloween. Kalanchoë can be successfully given on various occasions. Red for Valentine's Day, pink for Women's Day or Mother's Day. The color of the flowers can be easily accentuated or contrasted with a properly selected cover offered with the plant. Such a decorative vessel will be an aesthetic finishing touch to the gift.

When expanding the offer with kalanchoë, it is worth conveying to customers the message that regardless of the season, these plants can color and cheer up any environment, introducing a good mood. The arrival of the next season can be emphasized by proposing plants whose colors refer to those found in nature, not forgetting that kalanchoë can emphasize the importance of the event and elevate various occasions.

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