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The commercial world of cut chrysanthemums

2024-01-22 13:36

Cut chrysanthemum is one of the flowers that guarantee success in every respect. It attracts attention with its volume and colors. It comes in various shapes and sizes. Importantly, it is available all year round, suitable for many different occasions, such as birthdays, name days, Women's Day, Mother's Day, Father's Day or Teacher's Day. Perfect for both single and mixed bouquets, monochromatic and multi-colored arrangements. It is an extremely durable and long-lasting flower that looks perfect in a vase for up to two weeks, pleasing the eyes of the recipient. In the case of cut chrysanthemum, we can talk about quality combined with an affordable price. These are the key aspects needed to gain crowds of satisfied customers.

Cut chrysanthemums are divided into species and varieties, including: on the shape of flowers, form, color or habit. Chrysanthemum flowers can be single, anemone, needle-shaped, double, semi-double, decorative, pompon-shaped. The types include: disbuded chrysanthemum, i.e. one large flower on a stem, spray chrysanthemum – a flower bud with many flowers on the stem, and santini, meaning a lush flower bud with smaller flowers. In the case of santini chrysanthemums, the leaves are slightly more delicate and the stem is slightly shorter.

This diversity allows to create simple mixes with chrysanthemums of various shapes, giving the impression of mixed multi-flower bouquets. Moreover, cut chrysanthemums surprise with their extremely rich, optimistic colors. They are available in white, yellow, brick red, orange, red, pink, purple, salmon, burgundy and two-color versions. Such a wide palette allows to create bouquets in infinitely many variations that will never get boring.

chryzantemy bukiety

The range of chrysanthemums for cut flowers is constantly expanding. In the Netherlands, over 1.25 billion of these colorful flowers grow annually on approximately 460 hectares. This area can be compared to 700 football fields filled with flowers. The Chryson Foundation, which was established thanks to the cooperation of all Dutch breeders (creators of new varieties) and producers of cut chrysanthemums, ensures the constant expansion of the chrysanthemum offer.

Dutch chrysanthemum producers are extremely concerned about the future of our planet. Therefore, they make joint efforts for sustainable development. This includes biological protection measures, heat storage, cogeneration installations and new cultivation techniques, thanks to which large energy and CO2 savings are made. In the Netherlands, cut chrysanthemums are produced primarily for the European market, which greatly simplifies logistics, which in turn translates into a carbon footprint that can be kept at a low level.

The activity undertaken by the Chryson foundation is the promotional initiative "Just Chrysanthemum", in short Just Chrys, represented in Poland by the agency, SIGMA International (Poland). Its main goal is to disseminate knowledge about the versatility, universality and durability of cut chrysanthemums and to constantly inspire the floristry industry to create new flower arrangements that are interesting from the customer's point of view. Just Chrys builds a strong, positive image of cut chrysanthemums, stimulating the creation of an attractive flower offer oriented to the tastes and needs of customers. Chryson Foundation does not sell chrysanthemums, but shares its knowledge, experience and creativity. Thus, it improves the market position of cut chrysanthemums and increases sales of these unique flowers.

On the initiative of Just Chrys, new photo sessions of collections of fashionable seasonal arrangements are created each year, which the flower industry can use by distributing images free of charge for promotional purposes. The current range of cut chrysanthemums is available on the website, where you can also find current and archival promotional materials and photos serving as inspiration for customers. Let consumers find out how colorful, versatile and surprising the world of cut chrysanthemums can be.

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