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Strawberries in Poland - peak season is coming

2021-06-18 11:34
Strawberry lovers have finally caught up. Last week brought a sharp increase in the supply of these fruits at local markets and in shops. The sunny weather has helped. But this is not yet the peak supply of the season. This is expected at the end of this week. It is then that the dessert strawberry will most likely reach its price minimum for the current season.
Importantly, this dynamic increase in the supply of strawberries over the past few days has, admittedly, led to a reduction in wholesale prices for dessert strawberries, but this was not as great a reduction as in the period between 28 May and 8 June. At that time the decrease in the average wholesale price was as high as 72 per cent. Last week it was -33 per cent. This was firstly because prices had previously been falling from a high level, but secondly because the purchase of strawberries for processing has started and gained momentum, which is pulling a considerable amount of fruit from the market.
On Wednesday evening, prices of dessert strawberries were at a level of 3.00-5.50 PLN/kg, which averages 4.25 PLN/kg. So it was still marginally cheaper than in the same period last year. At the same time, the average remains above the quotation of 8 June this year (3.50 zł/kg). Maybe by the end of this week it will go below this ceiling?
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