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There is still demand for plums on the Polish market

2021-10-27 10:37
Last year's end of the domestic plum campaign in Poland was marked by high demand for this fruit, which translated into a clear trend of increasing wholesale prices. This year the situation is different. Interest in plums on the retail market is still evident, but for some reasons it is lower than in the same period last year.
The reason for the drop in demand for plums in the final phase of this year's campaign is the rapid shrinkage of the supply of these fruit in the retail trade. Plums quickly disappeared from shop shelves, and only the trade in bazaars and green groceries remained. In addition to the narrowing of distribution channels, the quality of the plums still available is also a problem.
Nevertheless, if the plums are nice and from KA, there will be takers. In the small wholesaler offer, for large-fruited plums sellers are now most often demanding 2.00-3.00 PLN/kg, depending on the quality. This gives an average of 2.50 PLN/kg compared to 3.00-3.50 PLN/kg a year ago. The węgierka varieties are priced at 3.00-6.00 PLN/kg, averaging 4.50 PLN/kg compared to 3.00 PLN/kg a year ago. As you can see, węgierka are more popular as plums used in preserves.
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