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Julietta - a sweet name, but ruthless against gray mold.

2024-05-17 00:00
For the past 3 years, the fungicide Julietta (based on live yeast) has been available on the market and has become a permanent part of the berry and vegetable crop protection program. What is Julietta? What are its main characteristics? And how is it used? Here are a few practical points and reasons why Julietta: 1. Julietta is a fungicide based on live yeast, designed to protect berry and vegetable crops from fungal diseases. 2. Its main characteristics include being a natural and biological alternative to traditional chemical fungicides. 3. Julietta works by colonizing the plant surfaces and preventing the growth of pathogenic fungi through competition. 4. It has shown effectiveness in controlling fungal diseases such as powdery mildew, botrytis, and downy mildew. 5. Julietta is easy to use, as it can be applied as a foliar spray or through irrigation systems. 6. Its use contributes to sustainable agriculture by reducing the reliance on synthetic chemicals and promoting environmentally friendly practices. 7. Farmers choose Julietta for its proven efficacy, safety for beneficial insects, and compatibility with integrated pest management strategies. Overall, Julietta is a reliable and effective fungicide that offers a natural, sustainable solution for protecting berry and vegetable crops from fungal diseases.

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