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Mango Prices in Europe: Latest News, Trends and Analysis


Mango wholesale prices

Prices from date: Product
Product Min Price min. Max Price max. Unit Change
12.06.2024 POLAND Wholesale Market "Bronisze" in Warsaw
mango import Buy access piece 0.0%
11.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market in Lublin Elizowka
mango Buy access psc 0.0%
06.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market in Sandomierz
mango- import Buy access psc +29.4%
12.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market "Zjazdowa" in Lodz
mango Buy access 1,00 psc 0.0%
11.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale market Agrohurt Rzeszow
mango Buy access psc 0.0%
06.06.2024 POLAND Wholesale market Rybitwy - Kraków
mango Buy access psc 0.0%
12.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale market Gielda Kaliska in Kalisz
mango import Buy access psc -6.3%
12.06.2024 UKRAINE Wholesale market Shuvar in Lvov
mango, per Buy access box 0.0%
11.06.2024 UKRAINE Wholesale market Stolichny Kiev
mango еліт, шт Buy access kg 0.0%
12.06.2024 FRANCE Rungis
mango kent côte divoire statek Buy access kg 0.0%
mango kent mexique samolot Buy access kg 0.0%
05.06.2024 POLAND,Praska Giełda Spożywcza
mango Buy access psc +40.0%

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