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Mandarin Prices and Trade in Europe |


Mandarin wholesale prices

Prices from date: Product
Product Min Price min. Max Price max. Unit Change
12.06.2024 POLAND Wholesale Market "Bronisze" in Warsaw
mandarins import Buy access kg 0.0%
11.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market in Lublin Elizowka
mandarins Buy access kg +20.0%
12.06.2024 POLSKA, Wholesale Market in Poznan (WGRO)
mandarins Buy access 10 kg 0.0%
12.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market in Poznan (WGRO)
mandarin Buy access 10 kg 0.0%
06.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market in Sandomierz
mandarynki-import Buy access kg +44.0%
12.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market "Zjazdowa" in Lodz
mandarin Buy access 10,00 kg 0.0%
mandarin Turkey Buy access 1,00 kg 0.0%
11.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale market Agrohurt Rzeszow
mandarins Buy access kg 0.0%
06.06.2024 POLAND Wholesale market Rybitwy - Kraków
mandarin Buy access kg 0.0%
10.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale Market Targpiast Wroclaw
mandarins Buy access kg 0.0%
12.06.2024 POLAND, Wholesale market Gielda Kaliska in Kalisz
mandarins import Buy access 10 kg -20.0%
11.06.2024 UKRAINE Wholesale market Stolichny Kiev
mandarins ізраїль Buy access kg 0.0%
05.06.2024 POLAND,Praska Giełda Spożywcza
mandarins Buy access kg +12.5%


Mandarin fresh-market quotation

Prices from date: 12.06.2024
Product Min Price min. Max Price max. Country Unit Change
mandarins Buy access hiszpania/włochy/rpa kg 0.0%

Mandarin buy and sale offers

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